Video Content Begins on The Progressive Cynic

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Dear Readers,


This week, I will be starting to produce video content for my blog to supplement the articles. These videos will be posted alongside many of my articles and I will be working on video-only compilations of stories which are too small to warrant their own story.

While I am still working out some of the bugs in my setup (the audio is still a little fuzzy and there are some compatibility issues between my camera and editing software) , I hope to release several videos this week–starting a trend which will continue into the foreseeable future.

Here is my introduction video:

Here is a link to my YouTube Channel:

If you have a moment to spare and a Youtube account, I would ask my readers to take a second and subscribe to my YouTube channel. The more people who subscribe, the more likely it is that I will attract a larger audience. Hopefully, the combination of the blog and the YouTube material will create a multiplier effect which draws more people into reading/listening to my commentary and opinions than either medium would alone.


Thank you,

Josh Sager — The Progressive Cynic

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