Videos: Glen Greenwald and Global Climate Change

The UK Detains Glen Greenwald’s Partner 

This video explains how the journalist Glen Greenwald–famous for his part in reporting the Snowden leaks and his work on drones–is being targeted by the UK government (likely acting as a proxy for the US government) through his partner. Greenwald’s partner, a Brazilian man named David Miranda, was stopped and detained by UK authorities for 9 hours under the UK terrorism statute–his electronic devices were seized and he was questioned without the ability to have a lawyer present.

Sources for the video:

While I was not planning on making this my first topic for a video, it is obviously one of the most important stories of the day (if not the month) and I decided to pull an audible. I am still getting used to my software and the medium of video, but I think that this is pretty good for a first attempt–more video on addition topics to follow soon.


Leaked UN Report Indicates Global Warming Nightmare Scenario

This video looks at global warming and the ramifications of the leaked UN report predicting a global sea-level rise of as much as 3 feet by the end of the century.

Sources for the video:

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