Videos: Syria, the Debt Ceiling, and Prison-for-Healthcare

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With the determination of chemical weapons use in Syria, we face the potential of another war in the Middle East. This conflict will be messy and have consequences regardless of how we choose to deal with it and we must be careful.

This video deals with my assessment of the situation and gives my opinion on what a proper course of action would be in order to stop it from becoming the next Iraq.

John Boehner has signaled that the GOP in the legislature will put up a “whale of a fight” against the increase of the debt ceiling and will hold the American economy hostage yet again.

This situation is pathetic and indicative that the modern GOP is either completely ignorant about the debt ceiling or completely callous as to the effects of such hostage-taking on the American people.

Yet again, an American citizen has resorted to committing a “crime” in order to obtain health care in prison–in this case, Mr. Alsip, a Portland resident, “robbed” a bank for $1 and peacefully sat down in the lobby to await arrest.

The fact that this is necessary for some people is shameful and indicative of just how far we still need to go before our healthcare system is one that we can be proud of.

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