Videos: The DOJ is Using Drones and the GOP is Holding Hostages

According to a recently-released report by the DOJ (link below), several US federal law enforcement agencies have access to drones and the ability to use them for domestic surveillance.

Here is the report:

If we don’t take steps to curtail the use of UAVs domestically, our society will begin to resemble the world 1984, where all of our actions are watched–either by the NSA or by spy drones–and we have no privacy.

By trying to compel concessions from the Democrats through threatening a national default, the GOP has taken the American economy hostage–unless their demands are met, they will pull the trigger and destroy the American economy.

Every American, regardless of partisanship, must demand that our representatives not engage in dangerous and irresponsible hostage-taking tactics which could blow up in all of our faces. We can have debates over policy, but trying to logroll bad and unpopular policy by making it a condition of not destroying the economy is simply anti-democratic and destructive.

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