Video: The GOP Shuts Down the Government

On October 1st, the Republican Party’s brinkmanship led to the shutdown of the federal government–this means that non-essential programs will be shut down, while essential programs (ex. national defense) will be put on furlough. Furloughed employees will have to work, but will receive no pay.

A toxic morass of stupidity, extremism, intransigence, authoritarianism and a borderline anarchistic view of governance led to this shutdown and we should ensure that every House member to have caused this situation is unable to get elected to be a local dog-catcher.

Ironically enough, the best description of the current GOP that I have seen during this crisis came from Republican Devin Nunes (R-CA) when he called the extremists in has caucus as “lemmings with suicide vests.”

Vote the lunatics out and put people in Washington who actually know what they are doing and care about the people.

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