Video: The GOP Debt Limit Insanity and a Proposed 14th Amendment Solution for Obama

In two days, the debt ceiling is reached an, if nothing is done, the United States will be unable to pay its debts. This would be disastrous for the country and would result in huge damage to the economy with corresponding spikes in unemployment.

Obama must take charge and use the 14th Amendment option in order to diffuse this crisis before it takes down the country. He should get up tomorrow in front of the nation and enact this solution while taking the opportunity to rip into the GOP for its threat to the country’s welfare.

3 thoughts on “Video: The GOP Debt Limit Insanity and a Proposed 14th Amendment Solution for Obama

    • Your comment reflects the common knowledge about this option, as reported by most of the media–that said, while entirely plausible, your comment is wrong:

      President Obama is not a progressive and, at some level, appears to desire the Republicans to act as a foil against the right wing. With the GOP so far out on the extreme and using blackmail, Obama has an excuse for a “grand bargain” which would trade entitlements for some Democratic priorities, yet be able to insulate himself from progressive outrage. In effect, he said that he wasn’t going to use this option because he wanted to use it as cover, not because he actually believed that it was unconstitutional.

      The legality of the 14th Amendment option may be debated by politicians, but most constitutional experts agree that the meaning of the Amendment is clear. In fact, it was created to prevent a virtually identical situation where there was a question of the US defaulting in the aftermath of the civil war.

      At this point, the GOP sees EVERYTHING that Obama does as an impeachable act–from getting elected to eating a hamburger the wrong way. In fact, GOP politicians are on record saying that whatever Obama does in this situation, it represents an impeachable act:

      Thanks for watching and commenting,


  1. Actually, tomorrow, I want him to give an important announcement… that he will use this option… go for broke. I ‘m even sure the country will support him. I’ve read an article about the unconstitutionality of what the House Republicans are doing…

    And you’re right…. as far as Republicans are concerned, Pres. Obama’s mere presence at the White House is impeachable.


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