A Pro-Life Advocate Slips up and Tells America what he Truly Thinks about Women

© Josh Sager – February 2014

In order to be successful, every politician needs one of two characteristics:

  1. A sincerely-held set of beliefs, backed up by a constituency that is willing to support their advocate (ex. Elizabeth Warren or Ron Paul).
  2. The ability to pander to their constituents with a combination of euphemism and compelling lies—these deceptions are used to placate the electorate, while the politician enacts their own agenda against the wishes of their voters (ex. Barack Obama or Ted Cruz).

Unfortunately, most modern politicians fall into the latter category, as the infiltration of money into politics has eroded the integrity of politicians of both parties (although the GOP is far more corrupted than the Democrats).

Every once and a while, a politician who falls into this second category is caught off guard, or is simply too stupid to talk in their euphemisms and ends up saying what they truly believe. We have seen these slips in the past—such as when Republicans accidentally admit that voter-identification laws are being passed to disenfranchise African Americans—and will continue to see them for as long as some politicians continue to be fake (I.E. forever).

This week, a particularly stupid slip-up by Virginia State Senator Steve Martin (R) revealed his thoughts on women in relation to their autonomy over their bodies. Here is a screenshot of the offensive segment of Sen. Martin’s Valentine’s Day Facebook post:


Sen. Martin’s characterization of pregnant women as simply “hosts” for a potential child and stance that they should be denied a choice for an abortion reveals the heart of a large part of the Conservative right’s objection to abortion: the possibility for abortion gives women control over their bodies and prevents them from becoming stuck as un-choosing “hosts” for an unplanned pregnancy.

While there is a legitimate moral debate surrounding abortion (ex. when it becomes too late for abortion, due to the capacity for a developed fetus to feel pain), many on the right clearly care more for controlling women than the life of a potential child—after all, these people couldn’t give a damn about the child after they are born and are the first to hand her/him an imaginary pair of bootstraps. The religious right hates abortion because their religion dictates that men should control their relationships with women and that women who have sex should be forced to bear children (either to raise in a marriage or as punishment for sex out of wedlock).

pro life.

Ironically, the offensive segment of Sen. Martin’s post isn’t that he refers to pregnant women as hosts, but that he refuses to allow them to choose whether or not to remove the parasite that is growing in their bodies. Sen. Martin is technically correct that women in the early stages of pregnancy are “hosts” to a foreign body of parasitic cells that drains them of nutrition in order to grow. Those who share Sen. Martin’s belief that pregnant women should be legally forced to remain as unwilling “hosts” to a parasitic growth are simply rejecting their right to control their own bodies as equals with men.

There is simply no analogous situation with men, as any parasite that we could hope to get is legally and rapidly removed or chemically destroyed at the wishes of the host. This imbalance makes it hard for many men to empathize with the plight of an unwanted pregnancy and leads many religious men to hold a dogmatic line on the issue of choice.

The next time that a religious conservative starts talking to you about the sanctity of life, just realize that they don’t see the woman as relevant beyond their capacity to sustain the potential life inside of them—to the zealots, these women aren’t living, breathing, beings with their own autonomy, merely hosts.

9 thoughts on “A Pro-Life Advocate Slips up and Tells America what he Truly Thinks about Women

  1. first of all let me just say i am religious, conservative and a woman, i also live in virginia. and i am disgusted by the way you refer to an unborn baby as a parasite. i applaud this mans courage to step up and say what is right even though he knows he will be ridiculed for it. which is stupid to put down someone because they believe it is wrong to murder babies. i am really tired of hearing pro choice people say that they arent babies yet so i posted pics of my son who was born at 23 weeks gestation, which is when a lot of abortions are performed. why dont you slide on over to my blog, look at the pics of my son and then come back here and tell me if you still think they are not babies but parasites.


    • Regardless of anybody’s opinions on the cuteness of babies or even fetuses, the fact remains that an undeveloped zygote, blastocyst or early gestation fetus is technically a parasite (an organism that attaches itself to another for food, shelter or protection, yet has no positive benefit for the host organism). This is a simple fact that no emotional argument can sway, but it is not the point of the article.

      I support choice and freedom of autonomy for women–this holds true whether they want to have children or whether they want to abort a fetus before it has a consciousness.

      P.S. A vast majority of abortions occur before 20 weeks and the myth of widespread late-term abortions is simply false.


      • You are wrong. i have done a lot of research and there are several thousand late term abortions every year. I did not realize when i started following your blog that you were ok with the murder of innocent babies. So i will no longer be following you as that sickens me. Goodbye


      • According to the most recent CDC data only 1 percent of all abortions in the USA are late term–most of these are due to medical necessity.

        If you don’t like abortion, then change the Constitution because until you do this, your attempts to stop it are simply unconstitutional.


    • I have to ask, who paid for all the care, hospitalization both short and long-term your child will require being born at 23 weeks gestation?

      You are incorrect by the way in your claim of when most abortions are performed. Those abortions performed beyond the 16 week of gestation are performed due to risks to the health of the mother or severe issues with the fetus that would prevent quality of life. Here are the most recent CDC findings:

      Women in their twenties accounted for the majority of abortions in 2010 and throughout the period of analysis. The majority of abortions in 2010 took place early in gestation: 91.9% of abortions were performed at ≤13 weeks’ gestation, and of the abortions performed at ≤13 weeks’ gestation, 71.7% were performed at ≤ 8 weeks’ gestation. In 2010, 17.7% of all abortions were medical abortions. Source: MMWR 2013;62(8)


      • Well first its nobody else’s buisness who paid for my sons medical treatment. Second i did not say most abortions are late term i just said some, and in case you are wondering there are several thousand late term abortions performed every month. And you are absolutely wrong about all late term abortions being for health reasons, i know some of them say they are . But i also personally know people who had late term abortions done simply because they decided they didn’t want to have another baby or because her husband left her. If you read my original article on abortion you may understand better.


      • You are incorrect, late term abortions are illegal and no doctor would perform them except to save the life of a mother or for very specific reasons having to do with the fetus. I am not at all certain you understand what a late term abortion is, are you? Do you know what the rules are for abortion? When a medical abortion can be performed? Likely you do not. Do you understand why we have limitations on abortion, or for that matter what the various stages embryonic development are?

        If you don’t have answers for these questions, other than to say life begins at conception or some other religious belief it is impossible to have a discussion. The simple fact is, not all of us share this misguided belief. Not all of us share the Judea / Christian religious standards. We are guaranteed by the Constitution freedom of and from religion. Because of the guarantee we are free to proceed with our lives without dogma.

        As to whether the cost of care being nobody else’s business. If that cost was on the dime of the taxpayer, well it certain is someone else’s business. If that cost will remain on the backs of the taxpayer throughout that child’s life, it certainly is someone else’s business.

        Do not forget, you will be demanding ‘charity’ for the child you brought into the world. So yeah, it is everyone’s business the choice you made. I do not begrudge you that choice. Why in the world would you begrudge another woman the choice she needs to make?


      • You are not a very educated person on the subject of late term abortion it is stiil legal. And not just for health reasons. The taxpayers did not pay for my child’s care so again it is none of your business and my beliefs on abortion are not only religious the biggest reason i am against it is because you are murdering an innocent child. Before you respond i suggest you research this topic a little bit more


  2. Senator Martin is, like so many of his ilk, is uneducated in fact ignorant. He like so many who believe as he does, misinformed of what women and their born children must suffer when they are unable to feed, shelter and cloth them without resources. Women who are forced to continue unwanted / unintended pregnancies are indeed nothing more than hosts. Body autonomy is something that today only men enjoy.


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