Racial Inequality in the American Justice System Info-Graphic

As an addendum to my recent article on the death penalty–https://theprogressivecynic.com/2014/04/15/the-death-penalty-must-be-discarded-to-the-dustbin-of-history/–please look at this info-graphic, sent to me by Ashleigh Bell (a follower of my blog). Given the TERRIBLE racial inequality in our justice system illustrated by this graphic, can anybody really make the argument that the death penalty can be applied fairly?

African Americans face systemic biases, during every step from arrest to incarceration, and nearly a third of African Americans will one day be incarcerated or be put under the supervision of the criminal justice system. While most of those incarcerated will not spend the rest of their lives in jail or be executed, any length of time behind bars follows an American back into civil society and makes it harder for them to get gainful employment–in turn, this makes it more likely that an individual will have to resort to survival crimes (ex. selling drugs), thus be thrown back into jail.


2 thoughts on “Racial Inequality in the American Justice System Info-Graphic

  1. This travesty of justice will only be hurt more with the gutting of the Voter Rights Act, prisons in private hands, and the allowing of corporate “free labor” by prisoner. Education must be made the priority, as it lifts all to equality more than anything else.


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