Guest Post: Women Suffer in Right-Wing Politics

The following article is a guest submission by Daphne Holmes, a reader of my blog. She is a writer at and has published numerous articles and op-eds on a variety of other sites. If you have comments, questions, or inquiries you can reach her at 

Many thanks to Daphne for the interesting article.


Despite progressive advances across many cultures, some women still suffer at the hands of right wing politics.  By adopting the stance that inequality and discrimination are natural functions of society, right-wingers attempt to temper the injustices that occur. But informed observers see through the hollow rationalizations used by certain members of society to limit opportunity and mobility for others.

In some cases, supporters of right-wing agendas use market forces and other economic factors to justify inequality among members of society.  While still other right-wing proponents embrace the unjust order of right-wing politics as a desirable feature of society that maintains “natural” order.  Despite rationalizing the presences of hierarchies and a natural pecking-order, right-wing politics fail to account for the visible costs paid by certain groups in society, including women.

Lack of Incentive

Societies that inherently limit certain classes of individuals eventually become self-sustaining, as members of oppressed groups lose their incentive to perform and produce.  As a result, breaking deeply engrained cycles of inequality is difficult in societies committed to right-wing agendas.  Mobility and other incentives keep society moving forward, when each member has a chance to improve his or her own condition.  Compartmentalizing certain citizens and limiting their access to a better life has the opposite effect overall, prompting demoralized members of society to contribute less.


Pre-ordained hierarchies create a rigid set of roles for their members.  As a result, some individuals and classes within right-wing societies are designated as dependents, while those with privileged access are afforded greater levels of independence.  Wealth and power help distinguish the level of autonomy available to each member of society, but these are not the only considerations impacting people’s stations in life.  Women, for example, are designated as a class of individuals, so they are at a natural disadvantage in right-wing societies.

Lack of Opportunity

Access to opportunity is a determining factor in each individual’s development within society.  According to right-wing politics, however, economic forces and other natural social phenomenon determine each person’s place within the structure of social hierarchy.  As a result, women suffer stagnation in their lives due to a lack of opportunity in right-wing societies.  In addition to economic mobility and social advancement, women suffer other injustices resulting from the place they occupy in right-wing politics.  Consider the impacts of a paternal right-wing society, for instance, which places women’s needs below other members of society.  When the functions of government and other social apparatuses favor one gender over another, opportunities are limited for those without access to opportunity.


We are arguably driven by a variety of forces, including internal motivations that lead us toward fulfillment.  Right-wing politics does not account for our inherent desire to be the best possible versions of ourselves, because it relies on a paradigm of pre-determination.  According to Maslow; we work through an individual hierarchy of needs during our lives, including self-actualization, which elevates us to our full potential – or at least something close to it.  Women subjected to right-wing politics are prohibited from pursuing this essential element of self-fulfillment.

Regressive politics limits opportunity and creates inequality among certain classes within society.  Women in particular suffer lack of access and decreased mobility, which thwarts fulfillment and creates unwarranted dependency.  Restoring incentives and autonomy is a first step toward reducing the impacts of right-wing politics.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Women Suffer in Right-Wing Politics

  1. Wonderfully done. Truthfully, we have been conditioned to accept less, until we condition ourselves to demand at least parity we will not see ourselves as deserving of anything coming close to equal, we will continue to hold ourselves back.


  2. Yes. As we see in the US today – especially economic repression of women, begets control of their lives. Women in lower socioeconomic levels of society are practically helpless to fight back – they’re too busy working two jobs Add to that, repressive birth control edicts and laws, and they are left in a nearly chattel status.

    The right wing has been relentless, and unfortunately is aided by most religious dogmas as well. Put the two together – you have a gaggle of Stepford wives. It’s brainwashing pure and simple.


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