Truth Against the Machine Article: Democrats Make a Critical Mistake in Letting the GOP Distance Itself from Trump


Check out my most recent article for Truth Against the Machine by following this link:

In this article, I detail why the Democrats are making a critical tactical error by encouraging the “mainstream” GOP to declare Trump not a “real” Republican. Here is a short excerpt:

This narrative that Trump is worse than the rest of the GOP is simply incorrect—he shares essentially all of the core policy positions of the GOP base, but simply lacks the intelligence or willpower to cloak his policies in more palatable rhetoric; he uses a megaphone and a fog-horn to declare his extremist policy agenda while the GOP establishment prefers to sell the same toxic agenda with a dog-whistle and a wink.

Trump is in absolute lockstep with the GOP on issues of taxation (cuts for the rich), austerity (bootstraps for the poor), war (massive increases in military spending), immigration (reactionary xenophobia), and privatization/profitization (every function of government that doesn’t involve bombing or arresting a person with a darker skin tone). The only appreciable issue where Trump breaks from the right wing orthodoxy is trade, and I have serious doubts that he will keep his word on this issue in the long term.

After reading my article, I strongly suggest following the Truth Against the Machine site. It is a collaborative political reporting venture founded by Jordan Chariton of TYT that hosts articles by a variety of independent, non-corporate, journalists, and is a really good source of information on stories that the rest of the media neglects.

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