Truth Against the Machine Article: AR Police Maliciously Overcharge Diamond Pipeline Protester

Check out my most recent article for Truth Against the Machine by following this link:

Tyler Hamilton is an average working-class American who was just arrested on Monday and charged with numerous crimes (including a felony) for his act of non-violent civil disobedience protesting the Diamond Pipeline in Arkansas.

In order to get his story heard and increase the public’s awareness over this crude oil pipeline, he reached out to Truth Against the Machine for an interview, which was conducted on March 20th, 2017:

Hamilton’s story is becoming ever more common in the United States: A pipeline company with an extremely shoddy safety history decides to build a new pipeline across vulnerable land and coopts the government’s eminent domain power to force those along the route to sell their property. When people engage in non-violent protest, they are arrested and dramatically overcharged for daring to inconvenience the pipeline owners and police. After these protests start, the media either ignores the situation or actively follows the corporate line.

After watching the interview, I strongly suggest following the Truth Against the Machine site. It is a collaborative political reporting venture founded by Jordan Chariton of TYT that hosts articles by a variety of independent, non-corporate, journalists, and is a really good source of information on stories that the rest of the media neglects.

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