Debunking Right Wing Talking Points

The current GOP may not have the facts on their side in most issues, but they are amazingly good at making their falsehoods appear rational. As such, I am going to write a series of refutations debunking the common conservative arguments that are used to justify their positions on each of the major issues. This project is going to take a significant amount of time and I will

Social Policy

  • Guns
  • Gay Rights
  • Women’s Rights

Economic Policy

  • Taxes
  • Spending
  • Privatization
  • Regulation
  • Entitlements


  • Money in Politics
  • Immigration
  • Military Spending


Anybody who would like to use these arguments has my permission to use them as their own. If, after reading my arguments, you have any suggestions or see any holes in my logic, I invite any comments or critiques–please post them on the comments section of the page, or email me directly:

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