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Dear Reader,

My name is Joshua Sager and I am the progressive cynic. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in political science and earth science, I began this blog in order to post my articles for view by the public.

Many people connect progressivism with idealism, but I am of the opinion that this is a specious connection. Progressivism is purely a realist’s ideology and has been the driving force behind major sociatal changes in the past (ex. civil rights, environmental protections, etc.). Progressives seek to promote social reform, ensure that every citizen is given equal access to opportunity and implement a system of laws that will make our country successful in the long term.

Unfortunately, the political environment in the United States has degraded to the point where the mainstream commentary on political occurrences is essentially worthless–the political mainstream is largely corrupted by moneyed interest groups and the media has utterly failed inform the public about this corruption. In the absence of informative mainstream media, it falls to alternative media, independent citizens and activists to keep the public informed as to the true going-on in society.

Through maintaining this blog, I hope to help keep people informed and prevent money from dictating what gets covered by the media. I am not paid by anybody to maintain my blog, refuse to host advertising, and have no financial stake in the world of politics that I am commenting upon.

If you would like to suggest an article topic or make any commentary on the content of my blog, you can contact me at (please make sure to include the keyword “ProgressiveCynic Reader:” in the title line) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Reading

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11 thoughts on “Meet the Progressive Cynic

  1. Joshua – I just discovered your wonderful site. I’m trying to save the world via facebook shares and that gets me into long exasperating debates where I have to research to debunk their rightie propaganda. Your site will be the first stop on my next debunking session. Very generous for you to do this and it seems you adhere to good journalistic practice, which is refreshing and urgent in this era of oceans of big lies and preposterous hokum. Thank you.


  2. Joshua, your work is quite outstanding. I’ve read a number of your posts, but never investigated you before now. I was looking through my archives looking for good gun control debunkers and there you were. You’re incredibly talented at unpacking these complex issues patiently and methodically without too much emotional prattle getting in the way. That seems hard for many writers to do, these days. That you’re so young makes that all the more dramatic. What I cannot find is your Twitter handle. (You need one for the Progressive Cynic, too.)


    • Thank you very much! Given some time, I hope to do one of those debunking articles for almost every contentious issues which the misconceptions run deep–I already did one for gay rights and will likely do ones on climate change, privatization, abortion, and religion in politics during the next few months.

      Here is my twitter handle for the progressive cynic:

      I hope that you keep reading and enjoying my articles.


    • You can either reblog using the buttons embedded in the article page, use links to redirect to my site, or just send me a list of the asrticles that you would like to repost and I will send you pdf copies that you can import to your site manually.

      I am glad that you enjoy my writing and look forward to hearing from you.


    • No, I never restrict comments unless they include hate-speech. There was a bit of an error in the WordPress interface that caused me not to see some new comments or get notified so that I can approve them–I have since fixed this and the comments that were held in limbo are now visible.


  3. Where did your information come from in the article “Refuting Anti-Gun Control Arguments”? I’m just doing some research on the subject and I need more for my paper.


  4. Nit picking, but for your benefit: second paragraph, the correct spelling is “societal”, not sociatal. Yeah, I’m a compulsive proof reader.


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