Truth Against the Machine Article: Corporatists in Both Parties use Identity Politics as a Shield

Check out my most recent article for Truth Against the Machine by following this link:

In this article, I analyze how both political parties use a specific set of social issues to distract their base from the fact that they are taking an enormous amount of money from donors to implement a pro-elite policy platform.

The United States political system is hopelessly inundated with money, and politicians of both parties have become corrupted. These corrupt politicians serve their campaign donors, rather than the voters, and thus have needed to find alternative ways to attract voter support.

For example, a conservative Republican who votes in favor of cutting social programs that benefit his constituents (e.g. SNAP) can use his strong opposition and grandstanding on abortion and “religious freedom” to garner support. Similarly, a corporate Democrat who supports school privatization and corporate welfare to pharmaceutical companies (hello Mr. Booker), can attract liberal support by loudly proclaiming his support for abortion rights and the protection of black lives.

In short, corporate politicians try to thread the needle between donors and voters by pushing economic policies that benefit their donors (e.g. tax cuts, deregulation, austerity, corporate welfare, war, etc.) and social policies/culture war issues (e.g. abortion, BLM v. police, religion, xenophobia, etc.) that appeal to their respective bases.

After reading my article, I strongly suggest following the Truth Against the Machine site. It is a collaborative political reporting venture founded by Jordan Chariton of TYT that hosts articles by a variety of independent, non-corporate, journalists, and is a really good source of information on stories that the rest of the media neglects.

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