My Resume

Joshua Nathaniel Sager

Born: May 3, 1989 – Citizenship: USA




Strengths and skills


  • Significant amounts of knowledge on a wide scope of political policy issues.
  • Able to work effectively in a team either as an organizer or a worker
  • Good at both planning and execution—organized, pragmatic, and results-oriented
  • Commitment, drive, and perseverance
  • Quick study who enjoys learning new skills

Writing and Debate

  • Creative problem solver with strong analytic and a lateral thinking skills
  • Persuasive speaker and skilled writer
    • Identify sound arguments and support them with evidence
    • I look at every side of an issue and formulate a comprehensive argument in order to make a desired point—for example, in the linked  article, I identify and debunk the top 21 anti-gun control arguments: Part#1, Part#2, Part#3
    • Effective Researcher on a variety of subjects.

Leadership and Communication Skills

  • Comfortable speaking in front of large groups and on film
    • I did numerous press interviews and spoke as a guest speaker at Boston College in regard to the 99% Movement.
    • I can speak without notes and have a high level of adaptability
  • Able to organize and coordinate groups to achieve goals efficiently

Computer Skills (PC)

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, all standard internet browsers and E-mail applications, AutoCAD, Dragon speech recognition, Photoshop.
  • Basic computer maintenance and security


University of Massachusetts Boston

  • M.A., Public Affairs
  • Started: Fall 2014, Estimated Completion: Spring 2016
  • Current GPA: 3.87

Boston University, College of Arts and Sciences, Boston, Massachusetts

  • B.A., Political Science, June, 2011 (Major GPA 3.4)
  • Minor in Earth Science (Minor GPA 3.1)
  • Dean’s List Fall 2010

Current Revised General GRE Scores: 165 Verbal, 156 Quantitative,

Work Experience

Massachusetts Committee on Public Health

  • Internship: January 2014 – May 2014
    • Researching media coverage of issues in front of the committee
    • Attending and reporting on meetings
    • General office work
  • Contact: Timothy O’Neill, 617-722-2130

Political Blogging and Analysis:                       

I own and operate a political blog where I post analysis of current events and politics. In the first quarter of 2014 alone, I posted two-dozen original articles and my blog received over 100,000 views. My writing is highly varied in subject matter, but issues that I pay particular attention to are campaign finance reform, civil rights/respect for due process, and environmental degradation.

Cambridge Pedicab

  • Driver: April 2013 – November 2013, April 2014 – Current
  • Contact: Mike, 617-370-3707

The LEAH Collective

  • Writer/Researcher: June 2012 – Current
    • Writing articles on environmental concerns (primarily pesticide use and genetic modification of organisms)
    • Researching lobbying and interest-group contributions to politicians
  • Contact: Ellen Fine, 781-472-0813,

ForceChange –

Versus News (AKA: “The Boston Occupier: Free Press”) – project is concluded due to lack of funds:

Carlisle Chemical Corporation, 4 Militia Drive, Lexington, MA, 02421

  • Full Time: Summer 2007, December 2008
  • Supervisor: Jeffrey Goldberg, 781-863-2237
  • Duties: System maintenance and general labor
    • Programming the office phone system/creating the directory, computer maintenance and data backup
    • Plotting building floor-plans in AutoCAD
    • General maintenance, painting rental units and packing/moving tenant property

Activities and Interests

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts

Landscape and wildlife photography, samples available upon request

3 thoughts on “My Resume

  1. Joshua, u missed everything. Did you view the video in stop motion, the one of msnbc… ? Well, you may review this page to get some more insight on why #7 was demolitioned. But what is more important, is that you understand what happened to the true Catholic Church. And why, these men, are so full of it. Lies lies and more lies. Here is a link to my timeline of the best video that has been shown on the concept of stop motion to see what was really there in the picture, that no one could see with the naked eye. Review truecarpentry posts. Note; no debri upon entry of the plane into the building. Either one of them. So, it could not of been a plane… A GW Bush frame of laser weapon with inbedded halograms, and yes, they can do this; to you if they want to, and no one can stop them. Hit you with a beam, and no one will ever see it coming. Enter here this link., or view this link, copy the shit out of it, for you will never ever see anything like this ever again, unless, you get onboard the star ship enterprise.. Yes, they have one of those too… So Joshua, did you not get the message from trueCatholic, about witchcraft. I suggest you read the catholic enclyclopedia in regards to just what is a pagan….


  2. Josh, just read your “Refuting Anti-Gay Rights Arguments” and appreciate it.

    To take it to another level, I am arguing with a woman who claims that homosexuality is a “biological disorder” because the sexual orientation is not “in alignment” with the reproductive system.

    If you have a moment, I’d appreciate knowing how you’d respond to this.



    • Thanks for reading.

      It is actually a biological puzzle as to why homosexuality has appeared in so many populations and persisted for so long despite not leading to procreation. Some research indicates that it may be beneficial, but this is by no means conclusive:

      I would answer that she is misusing the term “biological disorder” and point out that she cannot point out a concrete harm caused by using the reproductive system in a way that isn’t “in alignment” with its intent. She needs to learn that simply by labeling a natural variant a disorder (e.g. you could say the same thing about left-handed people) is just a semantic trick that doesn’t actually make an argument. This kind of person thinks they know a great deal more about biology than they think they do, and has memorized a couple of buzz words to make themselves appear more knowledgeable than they are.


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