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Dear Reader,


My name is Joshua Sager and I am the progressive cynic. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in political science and earth science, I began this blog in order to post my articles for view by the public.

Many people connect progressivism with idealism, but I am of the opinion that this is a specious connection. Progressivism is purely a realist’s ideology and has been the driving force behind major sociatal changes in the past (ex. civil rights, environmental protections, etc.). Progressives seek to promote social reform, ensure that every citizen is given equal access to opportunity and implement a system of laws that will make our country successful in the long term.

Unfortunately, the political environment in the United States has degraded to the point where the mainstream commentary on political occurrences is essentially worthless–the political mainstream is largely corrupted by moneyed interest groups and the media has utterly failed inform the public about this corruption. In the absence of informative mainstream media, it falls to alternative media, independent citizens and activists to keep the public informed as to the true going-on in society.

Through maintaining this blog, I hope to help keep people informed and prevent money from dictating what gets covered by the media. I am not paid by anybody to maintain my blog, refuse to host advertising, and have no financial stake in the world of politics that I am commenting upon.

If you would like to suggest an article topic or make any commentary on the content of my blog, you can contact me at (please make sure to include the keyword “ProgressiveCynic Reader:” in the title line) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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11 thoughts on “Meet the Progressive Cynic

  1. I have posted your great Refuting anti-gun control arguments blog to my FB page. But I found a typo in the following sentence. “What gun control proponents (people who care more about children being killed then their ability to buy 4 assault rifles in one day)” The word “then” should be “than.”


  2. Shockingly succinct domain name. Thank you for making your thoughts public in such an eloquent manner. Much better than I could have done. I got here via google search: “existing gun laws not enforced talking point”.


  3. Great work on gun control. However, you know that rational arguments don’t sway them. They will reply with a mountain of fake statistics they don’t understand, and after you shown them in any possible way you can what the founders didn’t mean by this or that, they’ll say that the real reason the second amendment is there is so we can bring down “tyrannical” elected governments. But I guess you have to keep trying.


    • Jim H, I find it interesting that you decided to voice your opinion here and not on Mr. Sager’s blog “Refuting Anti Gun Control Arguments”. You will probably say that your comment was meant for Mr. Sager’s eyes only and you didn’t want to get into an argument with a “gun nut”. You are in essence, hiding. I’m not going to waste time ripping your idiotic and naïve post apart here. Man up, stop talking trash from the cheap seats and step into the arena. If you dare.


  4. I would have expected someone with degrees in political science and earth science from Boston University to have better research skills. The statistics you use for your anti-gun rant, for example, are embarrassingly incorrect. Other anti-gun sites actually contradict your stats from the VPC, and if you’d cross-checked your numbers rather than cherry picking the first stats you’d come across you would have made a much better paper. You see, I’m a University graduate as well – double majored in English and History – and I distinctly remember being taught to do extensive research rather than coming up looking silly. In the end, though, our degrees do not make us special. When it’s all said and done, you’re just another moron on the internet who thinks his webpage makes him qualified to express his opinion as though it is actually well-read fact, and I’m just another moron on the internet who let’s himself get angry at the stupidity of other internet morons…. Go BACK to university and learn how to do research.


    • You know,Rick,everyone is entitled to their opinion,even when it insults the intelligence of others. You do not need a ‘qualification’ in order to express yourself. I have yet to access a web site,regardless of the topic or which side the author is on,that was not 90% opinion,10% fact. Insulting someone does your argument no good either.


  5. Josh,
    You’ve created a great site here. I will do my best to share your thoughts when applicable. It’s unfortunate how misunderstood our politics are.


  6. I clicked your blog because the “blog title” made me do it! I will definitely check your blog out as I pretty much feel the same as you do. My reason for blogging as well. However, I am not as articulate as you and looking forward to reading yours.


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