130813-blake-farenthold-says-house-republicans-probably-have-enough-votes-to-impeach-obama July 28, 2014
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a-lawsuit-could-destroy-obamacare-in-these-36-states July 22, 2014
FT_14.06.06_UnaccompaniedChildren July 21, 2014

Republicans Trade Short-Term Economic Gains for Long-Term Losses

July 14, 2014


short sighted blind Republicans

© Josh Sager – July 2014 The narrative of the right wing is that they are the responsible party that cuts the cost of government and ensures that future generations are not left in debt. Even disregarding the fact that the modern GOP has blown a giant hole in the deficit through irresponsible tax cuts, […]

Unpacking the Recent Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

July 10, 2014



© Josh Sager – July 2014 When discussing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I often find myself forced into a ridiculous position—I end up agreeing with right wingers who came to their positions in an absolutely wrong manner while arguing with left wingers who have come to their positions through a humanitarian mindset. The right wing supports […]

Coal Rolling and the Self-Destructive Nature of Modern Conservatives

July 8, 2014



© Josh Sager The modern American right wing has been no stranger to the concept of figuratively cutting off its own nose in order to spite its face—they are, after all, the party which has spent the better part of the last four years relentlessly trying to kill their own health care plan and deny […]


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