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How to Force the Right Wing into Empathizing with Women on the Gender-Based Pay Gap

April 11, 2014



© Josh Sager – April 2014 On many issues, large portions of the American right wing lack the ability to empathize with others who do not share their personal life experiences or demographics—this lack of empathy leads them to support discriminatory policies unless some event in their personal lives forces them to experience the effects […]

School Stabbing Gives Perspective on Mass Violence, Knives and Guns

April 10, 2014



© Josh Sager – April 2014 On the morning of April 9th, just after school started, a student at the Franklin Regional Senior High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, began a mass-stabbing attack that sent seven other students to the hospital with knife wounds. In addition to those injured in the attack, one adult and twelve […]

Life Imitates Spaceballs: Chinese Citizens Resort to Breathing Bagged Air

April 9, 2014



© Josh Sager – April 2014 When Mel Brooks lampooned Star Wars with his Spaceballs parody, I seriously doubt that he would have ever imagined that his comedy would even remotely parallel reality in any way. The humor of the movie is intentionally as unrealistic and insane as possible, and that is precisely why the […]


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