Justice System Inequalities Perfectly Illustrated in the Michael Brown Shooting

© Josh Sager – December 2014

The shooting of Michael was, at best, a tragic mistake by a poorly trained and cowardly police officer. At worst, it was a case where a police officer stopped two teens for jaywalking, felt disrespected by one of them and escalated the situation to the point where he ended up firing at a retreating teen, only to shoot him a half dozen times when he tried to give up.


Unfortunately, the true scandal in the Michael Brown case wasn’t in the actual shooting, but what led up to the shooting and what came after. These events represent a perfect storm of civil and legal injustice that illustrates larger problems facing the African American community.

Police Overreaction

Despite the attempts by the police to promote the video of Michael Brown robbing a local bodega, the evidence shows that Officer Wilson had no knowledge of the incident at the time. He stopped Brown and a friend (Johnson) for the simple reason that they were walking in the street (essentially, jaywalking).

The idea that a jaywalking stop would escalate to dozens of bullets being fired is simply bad policing. No rational person believes that Brown tried to reach into the car to take Wilson’s gun in order to avoid being taken in, and several of the witnesses describe Wilson grabbing Brown and pulling his head into the window.

In all likelihood, Brown recoiled, pulling Wilson’s head into the car door (giving him the slight redness in his face shown in the post-incident photos). Wilson saw this as an assault, overreacted, and started shooting, causing Brown to run. Wilson got out of his car to keep shooting at Brown as he ran, causing Brown to stop, turn around with his hands up, and start walking back—this is when Wilson fired the fatal shots.


This incident is only one of many, where American police jump directly to deadly force and end up killing people for extremely minor crimes. Police are (theoretically) trained to use negotiation, non-lethal force, and a variety of other tools before using their guns, but there are all too many cases where this is ignored. This problem is particularly extreme in American police, and I fear that the only solution is a complete shift in the training and culture of police forces.

The Blue Wall

When Officer Wilson shot Brown, the police at the scene left the body on the street, uncovered, for hours and failed to take even the rudimentary steps towards an investigation. This is indicative of a larger problem, where police assume that other police are in the right and do very little to investigate their own for misconduct.


Wristbands worn by police officers during the civil unrest surrounding the shooting

The Ferguson Police Department’s failures in this incident are numerous and glaring:

First, they failed to take the proper crime scene photos because their camera “ran out of batteries.”

Second, they didn’t immediately take Wilson’s gun and allowed him to not only leave the scene, but change his clothing and destroy blood evidence. This made it impossible to use physical evidence to disprove Wilson’s story (ex. showing that Brown’s finger prints weren’t on the officer’s gun or using blood spatter to determine their orientation in the car).

Third, the police didn’t require Wilson to fill out the mandatory paperwork for officers who were involved in a shooting, nor did they take his statement until he had time to conform his story to be plausible given the evidence.

Fourth, the investigators at the scene didn’t even bother taking notes or canvassing for witnesses. Even after the fact, when the media became involved, the police refused to talk to several witnesses who presented themselves with stories of what happened.

Fifth, the police tried on several occasions to smear Michael Brown by leaking irrelevant, but prejudicial, things that they discovered during the investigation. For example, they released the video of Brown taking cigarillos from the local convenience store, the tox report that showed that Brown smoked pot, and false allegations that he had severely damaged Wilson’s face during the altercation.

In totality, the police officers in this case demonstrated a complete lack of care for the victim and reflexively supported the police officer involved in the shooting—before any evidence was collected, they made up their minds. This “blue wall” is a major reason why bad police officers rarely have to face their actions; they can simply rely on many of their fellow police to reflexively cover for them, even when they kill people under dubious circumstances.

Unequal Justice

When the media and activist reactions to this shooting forced the Ferguson police to respond to the shooting, their response was tailored to scuttle any chance of Wilson being charged. Instead of simply registering charges through a court, the District Attorney opted to send the charges to a grand jury, presided over by a prosecutor whose family is filled with police and who has a history of letting police off the hook.


During the grand jury, the assistant district attorneys who presented the case gave Wilson a four hour chance to give his side of the story without cross-examination, repeatedly cited Brown’s pot use as a potential factor that could lead him to run through bullets, and gave the jury instructions (that police officers can shoot to kill if they think that a suspect will escape) which were deemed unconstitutional over a decade ago.

A grand jury is simply a forum for the prosecution to present their side of a case, and they can use any evidence that they deem fit, even if it is inadmissible (ex. coerced confessions). There is no defense present and the burden on the state is simply “probable cause.” Because of this, it is virtually impossible for a competent prosecutor to lose such a one-sided debate.

Unfortunately, the Ferguson grand jury was used as a trial by the prosecutors to present Wilson’s side of the story and throw doubt on anybody who contradicted it. This is virtually unprecedented and an abrogation of the responsibly of the district attorneys involved. If I were a member of the Missouri bar, I would immediately begin disbarment proceedings on the three ADAs involved.

If the roles were reversed and a black teen killed a cop, there likely wouldn’t even have been a grand jury, and, if there were, nobody can argue that it would look like this. The prosecutors would do what they always do, and present their case in a favorable light to ensure that the indictment is billed. The fact that such a disparity exists in our courts is indicative of a system of unequal justice, where some people get preferential treatment over others.

44 thoughts on “Justice System Inequalities Perfectly Illustrated in the Michael Brown Shooting

  1. I like the way you posted the photo comparing the two incidents in New York and Germany. Maybe we should allow police in the US to just shoot everyone who resists or attacks them in the leg. It would bring the situation to an end much more quickly and police would no longer have a need to carry batons, pepper spray or Tazers. I believe that if they had to make the choice, most criminals would rather be shot in the leg than in the chest. Although, you would need to designate more handicapped spaces near the courthouse. People who sell crutches and wheelchairs would get rich.


    • That is ridiculous. German police only fire their weapons in extremely rare cases because they are trained to talk people down. Saying that police should have the ability to shoot suspects barring extreme circumstances is completely uncivilized and makes me think that you would be very happy in a nation like Iran or Saudi Arabia, where the justice system is more to your liking.

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      • You’re being ridiculous. The US is 3.80 million square miles with a population of 319,404,381. Germany is only 357,021 square miles with a population of only 80.6 million which is slowly declining. German police hardly ever have to even draw their weapons because Germany doesn’t have even a fraction of the drug and gang problem that the US has. It has absolutely nothing to do with their training. You need to learn to keep your white guilt under control. It’s interfering with your common sense.


  2. Police officers make tough judgments every day. That is why they need to be well trained and not racists or trigger happy. We give them the right to use deadly force. That right should not be given to just anyone. Mr Wilson is a poor example of a cop. He showed very poor judgment and , by his own testimony, panicked when confronted by a large black man. We now know that the DA in the grand jury gave the wrong law to the grand jury during the proceedings. An old law that allowed cops to kill “fleeing suspects”…a law that was overturned over 30 years ago by the Supreme Court. I expect Wilson will be indicted again, this time by a special prosecutor without a close connection to the police. As it should be. Justice must be done.


    • Are there any incidents in Wilson’s history such as complaints from citizens that indicated that he was a racist or trigger happy? Wasn’t this the first time he had ever had to shoot his gun on the job? All citizens have the right to use deadly force if they need to for self defense. With cops, it is also a responsibility that is sometimes required for their job. I know he admitted that he was in fear for his life, but I don’t recall him saying that he panicked. In my opinion, the only poor judgment Wilson showed was when he even bothered to say anything to Brown at all. At the time, he didn’t know that Brown had just stolen those cigars and pushed that clerk. If it had been me, I would not have cared that Brown and his friend were in the middle of the street and would have just drove around them. It was in a residential area anyway. I’m convinced of Wilson’s innocence. I agree that justice must be done. I am referring to the rioters who looted and burned those businesses.


      • Wilson was part of a police department that was so racist and corrupt that it was forcibly disbanded. The norm in that department was for the police to be racist, violent, assholes, so the fact that Wilson wasn’t reprimanded by them isn’t surprising. Self defense isn’t viable when the “threat” is running away, trying to surrender, or 30 feet away. Most of the witnesses confirm that Wilson fired while Brown was running away and that he was shot from a distance when he turned around to surrender–not only was Wilson a terrible shot, but he also panicked (assuming that he didn’t just see red and decide to execute a jaywalking suspect) and overshot any reasonable claim of self defense.


  3. I do think we have a major problem with police brutality and excessive use of force but I have to disagree with the picture comparing police shootings. The reason police shoot to kill is that unlike the action movies, in real life training for life or death self-defense situations you are never supposed to shoot to wound or shoot in the leg because there’s a good chance you’ll miss and even if you do hit an attacker there, it may only slow them down if even that (there are many cases of attackers shrugging off even ultimatley fatal injuries due to raw adrenaline alone let alone non-fatal ones, ie the FBI Miami shootout in the 80s which perfectly illustrates this) Its also alot easier and more effective to aim for center mass, and trying to go out of your way to shoot to wound only gives an attacker a greater chance of surviving unscathed enough to get the upper hand and kill you. There’s also a big differene between a drunk attacker (ie slow, unsteady and innacurate) versus an attacker who is mentally ill, but whose coordination is otherwise probably not impaired. Bottom line, if it could be you or them, your goal is to take them down as quickly and effectively as possible, not sacrafice your own safety to try and save them (this of course only applies to situations where there is a legitimiate and proportionate threat). This generally applies only to armed attackers with guns though, its a bit iffier with targets with mele weapons especially depending on how far away they are, but it always bothers me when people say “Why didn’t they” (whoever it may be) shoot to wound or shoot them in the leg” about firefights, and at close enough quarters, I think the same principle applies to situations where the defender has a gun and the attacker only has a knife.


    • Thank you Aguy for your post. It is common for cops to go to public schools to do safety lectures for such things as dealing with strangers or bicycle riding. I think that it should be mandatory that all public schools be required to provide high school students nearing adulthood with a course on the real consequences of crime. Detectives could come in and show actual, uncensored photos and video of horrific crimes and prison officials could also show graphic photos and video of the violence that can occur in prisons. This could also include providing information on the proper and civilized way to behave when stopped and questioned by an officer of the law and educating these young adults on what the officers are allowed to do if they encounter resistance or a threat. This might help to minimize the chances of young people making the same fatal mistakes that Brown did.


      • …unless the police decide to just execute you and try to blame you after the fact. You are blaming the victims of police murder and are failing to address the real problem that many of our police officers are simply acting as criminals, then being protected by their departments (ex. the officer with a history of mental instability who killed Tamir Rice in a virtual drive-by).

        Beyond that, those “scared straight” tactics are ridiculous. They did one at my high-school and I embarrassed the detective by using some of my bio-feedback practice (I can drop my pulse below 60, decrease my blood pressure, suppress blinking, and even out my breathing at will, as long as I don’t move significantly) to completely stonewall their lie detector (they brought one in along with some drug testing kits, a breathalyzer, fingerprinting kit and a few other law enforcement devices) and mock interrogation–I know, it was petty, but that is how teens are. Nobody takes those seriously and most kids are simply too oblivious to even consider that they may be caught when contemplating criminal action.


      • Wasn’t Tamir Rice walking around with what appeared to be a real gun? Hadn’t people called 911 to report that? Scared straight programs don’t work with all kids but they do make an impression on most. Perhaps the reason that you were not impressed with it was because you never had any plans to become a criminal and you didn’t need the information. I don’t think that you actually embarrassed that detective. A polygraph is just a machine that records data, it is not a game or a computer trying to out think you. You knew that you hadn’t done anything wrong and were not guilty of a crime. Therefore, the polygraph confirmed that you were telling the truth because you were not lying.


  4. Marie…In response to your statement about witnesses and the idea that they can say whatever they want to say. That is true. But the police officer in question can also say whatever he wants to say, can’t he ? And Mr Brown is dead so he can’t say anything. You ask: What does the evidence say?… So, ignore what everyone SAYS. Here it is. The evidence. An unarmed man was shot at least 6 times. The person who shot him did NOT go the the Emergency Room . He went back to the police station and talked with his union lawyer/reps before going to the hospital. The person who did the shooting fired 12 bullets…6 entered the victim…6 missed. There was no gunpowder stippling on the victim (which means the shots were not fired at point blank range). So. IGNORE what Wilson says. IGNORE what the witnesses say. IGNORE the uniform. IGNORE skin color. Do you think, based on the evidence, that the person who shot the unarmed man just walk free…or should there be further investigation in the form of a jury trial?


    • Josephurban

      Where did you get your evidence?

      Here is some more evidence.

      Do you have some kind of personal vendetta against cops? A jury trial is not an investigation. A jury trial is supposed to happen after an investigation is concluded, charges are filed and a plea entered.


  5. Marie…I have no vendetta about anything. The evidence is as I stated it. An unarmed man was killed. He was shot 6 times. The man who admitted he shot him was not put on trial. The facts. I am not saying the man who shot him was guilty or innocent, but shooting anyone an unarmed person should always be tried in a court of law. It is the basis of our justice system. Let the witnesses testify. Let the shooter be questioned. Let a jury decide based on the evidence.


    • You have made the same mistake that quite a few others have made and that is when you assume that cops are only allowed to discharge their firearms when confronted by someone who is also armed with a firearm or that they are never justified in shooting an individual who is not in possession of any objects that can be considered deadly weapons. This is demonstrably untrue.

      The evidence is what it is. A violent young man with no respect for authority assaulted and then threatened the life of a uniformed peace officer who was then forced to defend himself with deadly force that is allowed by the law. Three different autopsies including one done by the US government confirmed that Michael Brown was shot while facing the officer which proves that he was not attempting to run away and that he may in fact have been charging at the officer. It was also proven that the gunshot injury to Brown’s hand was fired from close enough range to indicate that he was attempting to grab the weapon at the time.


  6. Marie…Why are you misstating my position ? Your first paragraph says that I assume cops are only allowed to discharge their weapons when confronted with some who has a firearm. I have never said or even implied that. I simply said that in a case in which an unarmed man is killed we need to have a jury trial. If the evidence is there to acquit, so be it. But a jury trial is the only way to have justice served.
    Let me ask you this. Should any police officer be allowed to use deadly force at any time? Toward anyone ? And should the officer be the only judge as to whether or not his/her behavior is justified? Should a police officer act as prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner…simple street justice? I don’t think reasonable people would support that idea, do you ?


    • I’m sorry that you feel that I have misstated your opinion. Your statements most certainly do imply that your focus is primarily on the fact that Michael Brown was not in possession of any weapons other than his own two hands and feet and not on the actual events. If a person who would appear to be a normal male were to assault a woman by grabbing her breasts, buttocks and vagina and was later arrested and after being arrested it was discovered that this attacker was a survivor of penile cancer and did not have a penis, would you say that he should not be charged with a sex crime? Maybe this is a far fetched analogy, but I think it is demonstrates my point.

      What I find interesting is how there were so few actual witnesses, but everybody seems to know what happened. I held my opinion until after the grand jury decision. To answer your question, I do believe that any police officer in good standing should be allowed to use deadly force anytime he or she is confronted with a situation where it is appropriate against anyone to include juveniles or the mentally ill. A threat is a threat. What I find disturbing is how so many people immediately assumed that the policeman in this incident is guilty of wrongdoing. People that would automatically place blame on the officer and then continue to do so even after the evidence exonerated the officer are displaying antisocial behavior. Are you just angry because you wanted the officer to be guilty regardless of the truth? Again, I am sorry if I have offended you and that the events did not unfold as you thought that they should have. The majority of Americans support Darren Wilson. If this were not true, we would be in a state of anarchy right now. The protestors are a very small minority. I find it humorous how they think that by raising their hands in the air, they are insulting the police. The police are probably glad that they are doing that.


  7. Marie. A couple things. Why do you say I am “angry” because I wanted the officer to be “guilty” ? I have never said or implied any such thing. What I have said, consistently, is that there should be a jury trial to determine the facts of the case. Pretty simple, really. Why are you determined that this particular person should NOT be put on trial, where all the facts, forensics, etc. can be put before 12 impartial jurors?
    A second point. You say that the “majority of Americans support Wilson” ? I am not aware of any national election on this issue. And it matters not, one way or the other. When it comes to innocence or guilt, the majority opinion is irrelevant. We have jury trials for a reason. To suggest that killing might be okay if the majority approve is wrong, in my opinion.
    Third point. Why do you think that people calling for justice by raising their hands is considered an “insult” to the police ? Nothing could be further from the truth. Any decent cop will want justice to be served. The good cops want the bad cops, or incompetent cops, out of the force. Do you have such a low regard for the integrity of the typical cop? I don’t . It is an insult to police to think they do not want justice served.
    I agree with you that the police should be able to use lethal force in appropriate situations. NO ONE is denying that point. It is a red herring. Cops are often justified to use lethal. It happens everyday. But anytime and unarmed man is killed I think there needs to be a determination of innocence or guilt. Don’t you ? wearing a uniform does not place one ABOVE the system of justice. And we cannot expect local authorities, who DEPEND on the local police, to render impartial justice when an officer is involved. There should be an independent prosecutor in these cases.
    By the way, your example is farfetched as most “sex” crimes are basically crimes of “power” and not based on erotic needs. But your point is well taken. In the case you mentioned, what if the man wore a police uniform. Would that exempt him from prosecution?


    • Maybe angry was a strong word. You certainly don’t sound happy. It has been over two weeks since the grand jury decision and you still can’t let it go. You were so sure that Wilson was guilty and now your ego won’t allow you to accept that the evidence always was in Wilson’s favor. You claim to want justice when all that you want is this mans head on a post. You sir are low. If Wilson had a history of abusing citizens, don’t you think that they would have come forth to report their experience to the news for their 15 minutes of fame and the possibility of joining in a class action lawsuit against the city of Ferguson? Don’t you think that the news would have jumped at the chance to interview these people? Where were they? They were nowhere because they didn’t exist. The shooting took place on a street in a residential area. Don’t you think that at least one person after hearing the first shot could have gone to their window with their phone and recorded the final seconds before Brown fell? Maybe they did. Maybe someone has the video that proves Wilson’s statements and is afraid to release it out of fear of what their neighbors might do to them or their family. Dorian Johnson admitted that he ducked behind a vehicle after the shooting started. Do you think that it could be possible that he was so scared that he never raised up until after the shooting was over? Maybe he lied and never saw Brown put his hands up. These were all things that an intelligent person should have considered before they just automatically blamed Darren Wilson for murder.

      Since November 25th, how many police officers have been murdered or assaulted in direct retaliation? How many police stations or government buildings have been burned down? When did the President declare martial law? Clearly, those who disagree with the grand jury decision are only a minority and the violent protestors are a minority within a minority.


      Once again, you have come back to the fact that Brown was unarmed. It is true that an unarmed man was killed. However, being unarmed does not mean that he never posed a threat and certainly does not prove that he never attempted to assault the officer. Prosecutors do depend on their local police to conduct thorough investigations and stand by what they put in their reports. But they are elected officials. No prosecutor who wants to keep their job would choose to not charge a cop who was clearly guilty because that would cost them votes later. I agree that there are some bad and incompetent cops on the streets. I’m guessing that you may have had the misfortune of crossing paths with one in the past. Or maybe, you tried to be a cop and were not hired and this is your way of getting even.

      You say “most sex crimes are crimes of power and not based on erotic needs.” You do realize that for some people, power is erotic don’t you? I wonder if you would be able to say that to a rape victim who became pregnant as a result of the attack. Why the hell would it make a difference if the attacker wore a police uniform? Now you are the one being far fetched.

      With that, I now choose to end our little discourse. Christmas is coming and I have much better things to do than to continue to listen to the idiotic ranting of a cop hating sociopath. God help you.


  8. Once again you attempt to attribute statements to me that I never made. I never said Wilson was guilty. I challenge you to find that statement anywhere in my remarks. You seem to not be able to respond to what I actually say…only to what you WANT me to say. That seems to be typical of many people these days. So be it.
    Your statements about Wilson being “innocent” or “guilty” demonstrate that you do not have even a basic understanding of how the grand jury system works. You need to do some research and discover the difference between a “grand jury” and a “trial jury”. A grand jury never finds anyone guilty or not guilty of anything. Until you understand that basic fact of the American justice system you will continue to fail to understand my points. So be it.
    You do make one statement that I agree with. “Why the hell would it make a difference if the attacker wore a police uniform”. I concur. Why the hell, indeed? I suggest that if Wilson had NOT been a police officer he would have been indicted. If he was not wearing that uniform and killed an unarmed man there would be a jury trial. The uniform made all the difference in the world.


    • Smooth Joseph. Real smooth. You sure do have a way with the ladies don’t you? I think it’s safe to assume that Marie is done with you. Why don’t you at least try to be half a man and answer some of her questions? Or are you actually a woman yourself? Is your name really Josephine? Either way, you need to stop hiding.


  9. Excuse me Mister josephurban. It would seem that your statements demonstrate that you do not have even a basic understanding of how civilization works. The way it works is you contribute to society, respect the property of others and obey the police. You need to do some research and discover the difference between fact and fiction. Until you understand the basic fact of law and order, you will continue to fail to be a productive citizen. So be it.


  10. Hi Joe “Citizen”. If your Idea of “civilization” is murdering unarmed folks in the street then we will have to differ. If your idea of “civilization” is allowing a poorly trained, frightened police officer to use his uniform as as an excuse to kill unarmed people, then we will have to disagree. I suggest you take a course in basic civics and US government, followed by a few world history classes. You might be surprised at what being “civilized ” is all about.


    • I have read a lot of your replies. Your response was exactly what I predicted. You were too afraid to acknowledge the video that I included and retreated to your delusion of thinking that just because Michael Brown did not have a gun that he was somehow an innocent victim. Are you an instructor at a police academy or in any way an expert on that topic? How can you say that Darren Wilson was poorly trained? Have you reviewed his personnel file? Have there been any news stories about him cheating on any exams while he was in training or being absent during any required training sessions? You sound like a complete moron. I’ll bet that your life story is pretty sad. If your idea of “civilization” is allowing brutal, young thugs to steal whatever they want just because their ancestors were slaves 150 years ago, then we will have to disagree. If your idea of “civilization” is believing that anyone should be allowed to assault and threaten the life of a public servant just because they are angry and that police should not be allowed to defend themselves, then we will have to disagree. If your idea of “civilization” is allowing a minority of protestors to set fire to buildings because they don’t agree with a grand jury decision that took 3 months, then we will have to disagree. Finally, if your idea of being “civilized” is continuing the pathetic and futile attempt to vilify Darren Wilson by disputing the evidence which has been reviewed multiple times and fails to prove any criminal allegations against him, then we will have to disagree. You are a truly dangerous type of person. You are an imbecile who honestly believes that he is intelligent. Please watch this video before you reply.


  11. Joe “Citizen”. Your comments were just as I expected. I see you are completely unable to quote any statement I have made to back up your points. LOL. (By the way, I do not watch any of the videos posted. The only video that would be relevant would be an actual video of the incident. ). Let me continue to educate you by answering your questions DIRECTLY. Not putting words in your mouth. Answering DIRECTLY. Try it sometime.
    Q. How can you say Wilson was poorly trained? A. By his own testimony. He stated , under oath, that he felt like a little boy when confronted by a man who was just about the same height as he is, but weighed a lot more. Every day GOOD cops are confronted by men with guns, men without guns, bigger men. Those who have been properly trained are not frightened. They know how to defuse situations. They know how to use non-lethal force if necessary. Wilson also said that this man was able to get his gun from him while Wilson was seated in his patrol car ! Good cops know how to keep their weapon secure. Wilson, by his own testimony, demonstrated gross incompetency. Perhaps that is why he resigned. He is an embarrassment to good cops everywhere.
    Q. Have you reviewed his personnel file? No I have not. It is not available to the general public. Have YOU reviewed his personnel file? Do you have his complete file and have you read it ? If not, the question is irrelevant.
    Q. Have there been stories of him cheating on exams, etc. ? A. Not to my knowledge. Again, irrelevant.
    The rest of your “statement” is simply a personal attack on me. So be it. I guess that is somehow relevant to a cop killing an unarmed man in your mind. Delusional ?
    I think your statement about letting “thugs” steal because their ancestors were slaves pretty much sums up the underlying racial hatred you seem to have. It must be sad to live with those stereotypes. By the way, can you point where I said that robbery or arson is acceptable behavior? Just another straw man ? Easily demolished by facts.
    Perhaps instead of posting Fox Entertainment videos you need to sit back and cogitate a little. Learn to think things through. Try to overcome the racial stereotyping that your comments suggest you are mired in.
    Look at the facts of this one particular case and this one particular cop.
    You may also want to ask yourself this question. When a few young thugs do riot and destroy and terrorize neighborhoods where poor people live, where are the police ? Why aren’t they protecting the citizens in areas infested with gang violence ? Why are they not protecting the local businesses? Do you think the police would allow looting and drug gangs to run amok in the suburbs ? At the malls ? In wealthy areas ? Why not ? Cogitate, my friend. Cogitate.


    • Miriam Webster defines logic as “a proper or reasonable way of thinking about or understanding something.” It defines common sense as “the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions.” It seems you lack a basic understanding of these words. Allow me to enlighten you.

      When I first heard about the shooting of Michael Brown, I thought that it was unfortunate. When I heard that Darren Wilson may or may not have shot Brown while he was running away or attempting to surrender, I thought that was a disturbing possibility. It is no secret that police departments have hired the wrong people in the past and police officers being charged with murder is not unheard of sadly. Unlike you however, I am not a complete moron. I used logic and common sense and realized that contrary to what some uninformed people might believe, there are incidents where cops are justified in using deadly force against unarmed people since it is possible to murder another human being using only your fists. I was also well aware that there have been incidents in the past where police officers have been disarmed and shot with their own weapon. Since I was not present at the time of the incident and did not witness it and no video footage of the actual event exists, I chose to wait until the grand jury proceedings concluded and monitor the story as it unfolded to see if any new evidence would come to light before I finalized my opinion. You on the other hand heard of the shooting and in less than two seconds decided “Uh, black kid. Uh white cop. Uh, cop bad man! ”

      Lets deconstruct your feeble attempt at an argument a little further. By the way, it doesn’t matter if you don’t watch the videos. The truth is still what it is whether you choose to accept it or not. Although, I’ll bet you actually did watch them and just can’t think of anything to say to refute them.

      As I predicated, you were unable to answer my question or think of any snappy comeback when I first asked you how YOU could say that Wilson was poorly trained. Instead you avoided the question by just simply attempting to flip it around like a child would. You can’t even get a thing as simple as a short quote correct. Darren Wilson never said he “felt like a little boy”. When he spoke of Brown’s physical strength, he compared the incident to “a five year old holding on to Hulk Hogan.” It goes without saying that you have never been a cop. I can assure you that even “GOOD” cops do get frightened when confronted with a life or death situation. It is brutally obvious by your statements that you have a hatred for police, especially the white ones. However, you attempt to camouflage this by trying to make everyone else believe that you think that there are good cops and bad cops when you secretly think that they are all bad. You think that Wilson is “an embarrassment to good cops everywhere.” I don’t believe that all those police officers that were wearing wrist bands with Wilson’s name on them were embarrassed. You don’t want to watch the videos that I post and that’s fine. However, I would be more than happy to watch any video that you can post that shows a “good cop” saying anything bad about Wilson. Why do you think that it is impossible for a 6’4″ individual to attempt to grab a police officers gun through an open window while the officer is seated in a patrol car? When did I ever say that I had ever read Wilson’s personnel file? Of course I have not. I was just trying to help you see your own logical fallacy. You are very naïve, but I don’t believe that you are so addle-brained that you are incapable of seeing the errors that you have made. I think that your denial and avoidance are just ways of coping with your humiliation. Perhaps I shouldn’t enjoy these personal attacks so much, but you certainly have it coming and you make it too easy. Oh and by the way. You failed to reply to my statement about your attempt to dispute the evidence that supports Wilson. I guess you just don’t have anything to say.

      Where do you think that those “few young thugs” that rioted and destroyed and terrorized those neighborhoods came from? Duh, they live in those same neighborhoods and they just don’t care. They steal from their own family. How can the police protect anybody if their own headquarters is being attacked and burned down? The police station is the center for command and communications and must be secured first. When has looting ever occurred in the suburbs or wealthy areas? What do rich people have to riot about?

      Seriously, do you have any friends? Please have someone proofread your reply’s before you post them.


      • It looks to me like you have this one under control Joe. I’m standing by if you want to take a break. If you want some inspiration, just go read some of my posts on the Nov 25th article about the Grand Jury decision. Feel free to use whatever you want.


  12. Joey.Joey .Joey. Once again all you can resort to is personal attacks. The tactics of one who has lost an argument and knows it. You asked specific questions about Wilson. I answered every one of them. Precisely and logically.I challenged you to find even one statement of mine that condemns the police as a whole.You FAILED. Again.
    You use a well known technique of not responding to what I actually write, but rather rewriting what I say and responding to your own interpretation. Nice try. But you are not dealing with a newbie here, my friend. I have seen that act before. This is not Fox and Friends.
    Let me give you an example: You state that this is my position, and I quote: “You on the other hand heard of the shooting and in less than two seconds decided,”Uh, black kid. Uh, white cop. Uh, cop bad man”. Yet nowhere in any of my posts are you able to find anything even near to this statement. Just another example of trying to evade the real argument by trying to attribute to me ideas and statements I have never made.. Nice try. But, as I said, this is not Fox Entertainment where that sloppy thinking might pass as logical.
    As I astutely observed, Wilson was intimidated by an unarmed man because he was bigger. That, my friend, demonstrates a lack of confidence, training, judgment and ability. Wilson felt like a little child. HIS OWN WORDS. Now, let me quote your words on the subject, shall I ? You commented to me: “You can’t get anything as simple as a short quote correct. Darren Wilson never said he felt “like a little boy”. When he spoke of Brown’s physical strength, he compared the incident to ” a five year old holding on to Hulk Hogan”.
    Let me help you out. First, I never quoted Mr Wilson directly. Perhaps you don’t understand this, but when you quote directly you use quotation marks ( “). What I did was called “paraphrasing”. I paraphrased Mr Wilson’s testimony and said he he HIMSELF said he felt like a little boy (a 5 year old would be a little boy). And that was exactly the sense of his statement. My point was that , as a cop, he felt helpless when confronted by an unarmed man. He felt so helpless when confronted by an unarmed man that he was obliged to kill the man. (The ONLY fact that is not in dispute) Poor training? Psychologically unfit? So, you are wrong (again) when you suggest I misquoted him. But let us, for the sake of clarity, actually see what he DID say.
    Here are Wilson’s own words: “And when I grabbed him the only way I can describe it is I felt like a 5 year old holding on to Hulk Hogan”.
    In addition, the testimony of his commanding officer at the scene also demonstrates Wilson’s lack of confidence.He told his commanding officer that the man was too big for him to fight, so he shot him. (His commander, paraphrasing Wilson: “…this man was bigger than me, I wasn’t going to be able to fight him”….”He said he shot him”. p.34, grand jury testimony)
    I grabbed him. I felt like a 5 year old. I have no other way to describe it. I felt like a 5 year old. He was bigger. I could not fight him. So I shot him.
    Wilson’s own words demonstrate his inability to confront dangerous situations as an adult man, much less an officer of the law. Not police officer material. Game, set, match.
    What I found most telling is your second to last paragraph. You seem to imply that if thugs want to destroy businesses or homes that the police should not be required to intervene. What then,is the proper role of the police if not to keep citizens and property safe? Do you actually think that ?Or are you suggesting that because many citizens live in “certain areas” they are not entitled to police protection? Don’t you think that every citizen and every business, no matter what neighborhood it is in deserves police protection? You seem to evade answers to those tough questions.


    • I decided to go and view the dialogue between you and Blake in regards to Mr. Sager’s 11-25-14 article. Wow! I thought that I was coming up with some good personal attacks. Blake’s make mine look like compliments in comparison.

      Just how the hell do you figure that I have lost the argument? Darren Wilson is a free man and you are the one who is pissed off and throwing a fit. Yes, I realize that Wilson may still be charged. This is unlikely. I’m just trying to help you understand that you are nowhere near as informed and intellectual as you may have been able to fool yourself into believing that you are. You may not be a “newbie”, but you certainly don’t show that you know how to win an argument.

      Do you realize that in response to this article and the 11-25-14 article you have typed 22 reply’s. All of them can be summed up like this “Blah blah, unarmed man. Blah blah, cop feared for his life. Blah blah, bad cop.” At no time did you ever post any links to any studies or videos that supported your opinion in any way. All that you did was just regurgitate your ignorance, lick it up and regurgitate it again. Your initial comments were devoid of anything resembling logic and you were unable to support them with any facts. When other points of view and information that you failed include were presented to you along with reason which should of made you question your own judgment, you just merely ignored the facts and attempted to turn the statements of others against them as a way to avoid addressing questions that you could not answer. On 12-11-14, Marie informed you the majority of Americans support Darren Wilson. This was a true statement and not just her opinion. On 12-13-14, Marie provided you with a link to a Washington Post article that confirmed this. You could not refute it and simply pretended that she had never included it. I provided you with a video that showed the opinion of a black Darren Wilson supporter, you claim that you didn’t watch it although I am reasonably sure that you did and just couldn’t come up with any reply. When I confronted you with this suspicion, you chose to ignore it. I’m still waiting for you to post any videos of “good cops” criticizing Wilson. I gave you multiple chances to man up and join the rest of us here in reality, but you continued with your pathetic, juvenile tactic thinking that I didn’t notice. When I finally had enough and informed you that I was never fooled by this, you become scared and then attempted to accuse me of having done the same thing.

      For the last time, here are the facts. Michael Brown DID steal cigars from that store and assault the employee. This is proven by the video that you want to pretend doesn’t exist. It is irrelevant that Darren Wilson had no knowledge of this incident prior to the shooting, but it does show Brown’s violent and criminal nature. Do you recall any of Brown’s former teachers, cub scout or boy scout masters and former pastors telling the media of what a sweet boy he was? Don’t you think that it was odd how the media was never provided with any baby photos or photos of Brown as a adorable little child?

      Darren Wilson was not a new police officer. He had been a police officer since 2009 and had been appropriately trained. You are not a police officer and have no police training. Any opinion you may have regarding Wilson’s training is irrelevant because you have no knowledge base to draw from to formulate a plausible or serious conclusion. Wilson had no known reprimands or history of disciplinary action against him to indicate that he was a violent person or showed any racist tendencies. You were not present at the time of the shooting and did not witness it, nor do you know any of the persons involved and there are no known videos available that recorded the entire incident. Therefore, you should have remained neutral as a normal, educated and rational person would have.

      You have the opinion that police are never justified in using deadly force against an unarmed person. That is simply your opinion and you’re welcome to it. Being unfamiliar with police policy and procedure and the true nature of man in general, you were unaware that police actually are justified in shooting unarmed people in certain circumstances. If this were not true, Wilson would have instantly been terminated from the Ferguson Police Department and would not have the support of any police officers. The grand jury reviewed evidence and witness testimony for just over three months and decided not to indict Wilson because the evidence corroborated his story and the witness testimony was inconsistent. Upon hearing this, a normal, educated and rational person would have accepted the decision. You however were unable to due to your feelings of inferiority to police officers. While it is true that you never actually were able to be honest and just admit that you are afraid of police officers, your irrational reaction to the grand jury decision pretty much proves it. Fearful that other’s would discover this, you made a weak attempt to conceal this fact by attempting to make it seem as though you believe that there are “good cops” and “bad cops” and that Wilson is a “bad cop” and that “good cops” will agree with you. I haven’t heard any “good cops” NOT EVEN BLACK ONES attempting to discredit Wilson.

      I brought to your attention that you were incorrect when you stated “By his own testimony he stated under oath that he felt like a little boy”. When I provided you with exact and correct quote, you became agitated (mostly at yourself) and then claimed to have only been paraphrasing. Being intimidated by a person who is large and violent is perfectly normal. Especially if you are a trained and experienced police officer like Darren Wilson and know what people are really capable of. I suspect that you may be a person who is very small in stature and is probably intimidated by almost everyone you meet and the only way that you can feel powerful is online where no one can actually see you. The way that you continually try to brand Wilson as a weakling and a coward is obviously your way of compensating for your own feelings of helplessness when you think of being confronted by those big, scary, mean police officers. Had Michael Brown been a short, skinny teenager armed with a gun and had been shooting at Wilson, you would probably try to say that Wilson should have never shot him and tried to talk him into not firing any more shots. You do realize that police officers come in all different sizes don’t you? I wonder what your opinion would be if Wilson had been a 5’6″ 160 pound female. You can’t answer that one can you? Checkmate.

      I never said that certain neighborhoods should not receive police protection. All I meant was that the police first needed to protect themselves before they could protect anyone else. But look on the bright side. Darren Wilson is no longer a cop and that store where Michael Brown stole the cigars from and assaulted the employee was looted. At least you got some of the things you wanted. That little employee was obviously intimidated by a large person and like a coward, he called 911 after he was robbed and attacked. I guess that little bigot sure learned his lessen.

      You bore me. It is impossible to have a rational conversation with someone who refuses to behave like an adult and use their brain and runs away like a frightened little rabbit when confronted with facts and logic. I know of a hungry dog that can’t wait to sink his fangs into you and I think it’s time to let him off of his chain. THIS LITTLE RABBIT IS ALL YOURS BLAKE. HAPPY HUNTING! LOL!


  13. I see that no where in your “response” are you able to quote me at anytime suggesting I am angry. Or that I condemn the police. Nor are you able to quote anything I said that you can refute . Why is that ? You seem intent on making up what I say and then responding to it. So be it. I, as always, will stick to the facts of the situation.
    The case is quite simple, really. A man who was an officer of the law was not able to respond to being intimidated by a larger man. By his own admission. His own words. Which I quoted, by the way, Quoted directly. He killed an unarmed man. That is the only fact that anyone knows for sure. The evidence is this.
    A man lay for 4 hours on a public street with 6 bullets in him. He was unarmed. Some of those bullets were shot from a distance. Of the two principals involved only one can tell his story because the other is dead. Some witnesses claim the dead man had his hands up. Some witnesses claim he was attacking the police officer. Those are the facts. That is the evidence.
    Now, you seem to be taking the position that by virtue of being a police officer anyone can simply kill a person . So, if a cop is scared he has the right to kill. I do not agree with your philosophy.
    A well trained police officer knows how to defuse situations. He knows how to defend himself. He does not see himself as a five year old boy when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation. He does not use lethal force except in the most extreme situations. He does not discharge his weapon 10-12 times at short range and only hit a target 6 times (50% accuracy at a close target that he himself is describing as a “hulk”).
    Mr Wilson’s own testimony demonstrates that he has neither the skills, intellect or judgment to be wearing a uniform in law enforcement.
    To suggest otherwise is to take the position that simply by virtue of being on a police department a person has the right to use lethal force whenever the urge hits him. Quite the opposite. Mr Wilson is exactly the type of person that good police forces eventually weed out. No good police force in the US takes the position that the uniform and badge give a cop license to ignore the law and common sense.. You stand alone.
    Was Mr Wilson guilty of a crime? I don’t know. No one does at this point. But justice demands that he be charged and given a day in court with a jury trial. There is certainly enough evidence to suggest that an indictment is warranted. Only then can evidence be presented to a jury for a decision. Perhaps a jury would find him not guilty. Perhaps it would find him guilty.
    Mr Wilson, of course, is not off the hook. He may be charged in federal court for violating Mr Brown’s civil rights. very possible. He may be brought to civil court and sued for damages due to wrongful death. very possible. He may even be indicted in the future and brought to trial for his alleged crime. there is no statute of limitations on murder.
    Let me respond directly to your use of evidence in your last post.
    1. I could care less if one “black” person or 1000 “black” people came to Mr Wilson’s defense or condemned him. Criminal activity is not a matter of a “poll” or skin color. Anyone can make a statement based on what they think. Why are you obsessed with skin color? It matters not. Just as the KKK came out in his support. Al Sharpton condemns him. Who cares? Public opinion is not a court of law. So that is irrelevant. I do not watch videos of people’s opinions. Irrelevant.
    2. You ask if I would think differently if the cop had been a 5’6″ woman. No. Why would that matter? Any cop who cannot do the job , be it man, woman, black, Hispanic, etc. should not be on the job. Don’t you think a well-trained woman could take control of an unarmed man without resorting to lethal force? What does gender have to do with anything? Irrelevant.
    3. I find it almost amusing (because it shows how weak your position is) that you attempt to make statements about my size, how I feel, etc. You will notice that I stick to the evidence. I find that when folks have lost an argument they often try to use personal attacks as a last resort. I have no need or inclination to do so.
    4.The fact that Mr Brown was seen on a tape stealing cigars and intimidating an employee may or may not be relevant in a jury trial for murder. No doubt he was stealing cigars if the video is accurate. But, by his own admission, Mr Wilson was not aware of that when he told the men to get onto the sidewalk. In this particular case it may not matter. Mr Brown is not on trial. I agree, however, that a trial jury should be made aware of that activity. But, it does not in any way reflect upon Mr Wilson’s poor judgment. As far as he knew he was dealing with a couple kids walking in the street. Not a potential felon. By his own testimony. This is EXACTLY why a jury trial is needed. To sort out the evidence. It is called the justice system for a reason.
    5. I totally disagree with your position that it is the job of the police to protect themselves first and not US citizens. Exactly the opposite. Well-trained police are expected to put their lives on the line to protect citizens. That is why we give them lawful authority to use force when necessary. To suggest that it is the duty of police NOT to protect citizens in certain areas makes one ask. Why have police at all?



      Let me start off with some news that might cheer you up a little. Today, two brave police officers in New York were murdered execution style. Are you through jumping up and down and clapping your hands? Now the bad news. Unfortunately for you, it would appear that they were not white. I guess you can’t win them all.


      I agree with Joe Citizen on most things. However, I am going to have to object to him referring to you as a rabbit. I prefer to think of people like you as a tapeworms. Parasites living off of a host, useless, contributing nothing and potentially harmful in the long run. Liberals such as yourself are an infestation in our great country. You constantly complain about and feel that you have an obligation to rebel against things such as police departments while at the same time living under the protection that they risk their lives to provide for you. In your case, you have had either one or several adverse contacts with police officers in your life (even though you are too weak and ashamed to admit it) and all that you can do about it (other than grow up and move on) is vent online. I would have maybe respected you a little if you had at least been honest. Instead, you endeavor to weave your deception in which you try to make me us believe that you really support police officers and believe that only some are bad. You have never met Darren Wilson, you do not have access to any restricted or privileged information about him, you were not present at the time of shooting, yet you believe you are some kind of expert. Allow me to quote you from November 26th, “Once the altercation started, however, the cop was either poorly trained, a coward or not too bright.” This was a brainless and unprovoked attack on Darren Wilson made by an idiot who was emotionally distraught because the Grand Jury did not decide what he wanted them to decide. How many police do you know personally other than the ones that have arrested you? Being handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol car is not law enforcement experience no matter how many times it has happened to you. You can print a copy of your criminal record if you want to. However, it doesn’t turn into a Harvard law degree if you frame it and hang it on a wall. You are in no way experienced or qualified to judge if anyone is fit for police work. Your personal views on the matter mean nothing to anyone but you. Police officers are most certainly not above the laws that they enforce and do not have some sort of privilege that allows them to murder anyone that they just want to. They should however receive the benefit of the doubt when it comes to incidents such as this by virtue of being police officers unless there is overwhelming evidence against them. All citizens (at least in the US) should just accept that every police officer that they encounter is trained and professional. As Joe has already told you, police officers come in all sizes. There is not one person on this earth that can overpower everyone else in the world. Sometimes, some people just become so full of rage that normal defensive tactics just do not work on them and deadly force becomes necessary. Logic, try it sometime.

      Let me clear it up for you. My side won, your side lost. Darren Wilson will be spending Christmas with his new wife and they have a child on the way if I am not mistaken. I hope they have a son and name him Michael. God bless them. Oh, I’m sorry. Did that offend you? Something tells me that you may be an atheist or agnostic. If that offended you, TOUGH SHIT. It is irrelevant that you do not agree with the Grand Jury. What’s done is done. Is there a remote possibility that Darren Wilson has deceived us all and that he actually did murder Michael Brown out of anger and may suddenly confess? Is there a remote possibility that new evidence may be discovered that casts doubt on his innocence? Maybe, but probably only in your dreams. It is true that public opinion is not a court of law. Just like your opinion does not make you a prosecutor or a judge or a wizard that can go back in time and transport yourself to Ferguson and witness the incident. However, public opinion DOES favor Darren Wilson which is an irrefutable fact. You lack a basic understanding of where Grand Jury and trial jury members come from. They come from THE PUBLIC! If the majority of the public believes that Wilson acted appropriately, how do you think that the vote of a jury would turn out? Put down your bong once in a while and try to save what few remaining brain cells you have left.

      I have a problem with your name. I am going to assume that you really are named Joseph unless you really are named Josephine. Are you a woman? You never actually answered that question. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Joe Citizen and know from his past comments that his name really is Joe. You do not deserve to be called by his name. So what should I call you? I could just call you trash or garbage, but that it would be so unoriginal and an insult to trash and garbage. Unlike you, at least trash and garbage was something useful at least once. I have decided just simply to refer to you as “It.” Now, let me tell It how things are going to be. If It likes being put in It’s place, It can keep doing what It has been doing and just post another predictable reply where It claims that It is not phased by my “personal attacks” and just repeat It’s nonsense about how violent criminals should not be shot if they do not have a gun and It’s moronic opinion of Darren Wilson. If It wants the abuse to stop, then It better learn to behave and apologize to Marie and Joe Citizen. I am not without mercy. I understand that It is a coward and I will allow It to take the coward’s way out. It can just simply keep It’s opinions to Itself and It’s big mouth shut. It needs to pick It’s jaw up that just dropped and go change It’s wet pants that It just pissed in and make It’s choice.

      PS. Just for laughs, I read It’s little article on It’s blog about Darren Wilson being interviewed by the FBI. Was It aware that only 1 in 4 of all law enforcement officers in the U.S. are members of a minority? Was It aware that approximately 65 percent of US government employees are white? Who does It think will be conducting the job interviews? Darren Wilson continues to have the support of law enforcement and the majority of the public and resigned from the Ferguson Police Department in good standing. So it’s not impossible that this fine young man may some day carry a badge and a gun again.


  14. Hi Blake. Merry Xmas to you.
    I was trying to find some semblance of logic or sense in your last personal attack on me. Couldn’t find any.
    As I have said before, when folks have lost an argument they sometimes resort to personal attacks. So be it. You sound like a rather angry person.
    What point are you trying to make? You simply continue to make comments about me and imagine I who I am and that I have said things that I have never said. So be it. But it does detract from any points you might make in the future.
    Let me help you with one misconception you may have about the Darren Wilson situation. You wrote, “What’s done is done”.It is hardly done. There continues to be a federal investigation which could lead to an indictment. I say could. There continues to be the option open to the Brown family to sue Mr Wilson in civil court for damages. I say could be. And there continues to be a possibility of an indictment for murder by a prosecutor. So Mr Wilson could be facing three different types of legal actions.
    The good news is that he has acknowledged his inability to function as a law enforcement officer and resigned. I have to give him credit for that. Some people do not have the mentality or skill to be a cop. He is one of them.
    My statement you quoted (I guess it was the only one you could find that was even close to being negative about him) was accurate at the time and remains accurate today. As I stated, once the altercation started he was either poorly trained ( could not keep his own weapon secure, missed on almost half his shots from close range, could not diffuse a situation with an unarmed person) a coward (was frightened like a 5 year old boy, shot an unarmed man at a distance) or not too bright (did not think to drive a few hundred feet away when he was trembling in fear, did not drive away and call for backup, couldn’t keep his story straight). Game, set, match.
    I sincerely hope you can get a grip on your emotions and enjoy the holiday season. A difference of opinion is not worth making yourself look like a nasty person or worth getting your blood pressure up. Stick to the facts and evidence. You will do better in the future.


    • Hi Worm. I see that your stupidity has flared up again and my special attention is required. So be it.

      How many times did you have to walk around your block and how many joints did you have to smoke before you could calm yourself down enough to type your reply? I am not surprised that you typed Merry Xmas. You should know that Christ believes in you and that there are very severe consequences for heresy. However, that is a different discussion.

      It also doesn’t shock me in the least that you are unable to find anything in my reply that fits your skewed definition of logic. What we have here is not an argument or a debate. Your assessment of this incident is totally naïve and incorrect and I was merely trying to get you to see the errors in your thinking. This is simply yet another case of a rational and clear minded conservative being charitable and attempting to educate a thick head and puerile liberal cretin. Let me help you with one of the many misconceptions you have about the Darren Wilson situation. When I stated “What’s done is done”, I was referring only to the Grand Jury decision not to indict Wilson which was based on EVIDENCE which got your panties in a wad. I have already told you that I know that Wilson may still have to appear in a courtroom or two. However, you know as well as I that the chances of him ever being charged are slim. Let me make one thing clear. If new evidence should be discovered and it is determined that Wilson lied and he actually did murder Michael Brown while he was attempting to surrender or if Wilson himself should confess, then I will of course change my opinion. The main difference between you and I concerning this incident is that when I first heard of the shooting, I hoped that Wilson was innocent, but knew that he may be guilty of murder and decided to wait until the Grand Jury decision was reached. You however heard of the shooting and immediately wanted Wilson to be found guilty whether he actually was or not due to your fear and hatred of police resulting from your obvious history of violating the law. You need to put your past behind you and start making better use of what little life you may have left.

      I will never get tired of reminding you that you are not a police officer and have absolutely no experience with law enforcement which makes any opinion you may have regarding Wilson’s training irrelevant. Even though you are incapable of admitting it, you were not present in the City of Ferguson, MO on August 9, 2014, did not witness the incident and do not know any of the people involved. In addition, I am sure that you are not a firearms expert or a marksman and are not qualified in any way to analyze the ballistics evidence. Are you even allowed to own a gun? Can you pass a background check? Should you be reported to the BATF? Maybe if you are, you might get to meet Special Agent Darren Wilson personally someday. Who knows? At least you have finally mustered up enough strength to finally admit that the video from the liquor store before the shooting not only exits, but does show Brown assaulting the clerk and stealing cigars. That and the fact that even though you won’t admit the real reason why you hate police, at least you aren’t actually denying that you do gives me faith that there may be a shred of honesty buried somewhere deep within you. You acknowledge the fact that Wilson exited his vehicle to confront an adversary much larger than he. That doesn’t sound like a coward to me. Perhaps I have been wrong about one thing. Like Joe Citizen, I assumed that you were either a person smaller in stature or perhaps gangly and easily intimidated by a 6’4″ 210 pound man like Darren Wilson. Perhaps the opposite is true. Perhaps you are a large, brutish looking oaf that intimidates others and one day you were brought down by a police officer of only average height and build.

      Now I am going to take a break to spend time with my family for the holidays. Let me end this reply with a few more sobering facts. I have examined your own blog that you provided links to. If my counting is correct, you have written a total of 49 articles. However, you have had only 31 comments many of which were by the same people. Your first article was written on January 20, 2011. However, it wasn’t until April 22, 2014 (over 3 years later) that you finally received your first comment! You are a truly pathetic and insignificant person. MERRY CHRISTMAS. LOL.


  15. Blake. May I make a request? I really liked how you compared Mr. or Ms. Urban to a tapeworm. Could you please start calling him or her Worm instead of It? I find how he or she failed to say anything about those two slain NYPD police officers particularly intriguing. It truly is amazing how he or she can say so much about him or herself just with his or her silence. LOL. Thanks.


    • No problem ma’am. I’ll be happy to do it for you. Although the tapeworms might be offended. After all, tapeworms are only doing what they need to do to survive. Our mutual adversary on the other hand apparently has some other sick and demented need that can only be satisfied by showing everyone how ignorant he/she is by spewing their useless opinion regarding topics (s)he knows absolutely nothing about.


      • WHOA! I wish I would have said that! LMAO! Another good one Marie. If Santa doesn’t give him or her a brain, let us hope that at least Santa can spare a stocking full of good old common sense. Did you bother to click on that link and read the poem about liberals? It is actually quite witty. So witty in fact that I suspect it might be plagiarized. The funniest part of it is that he/she posted that poem way back on July 13th of this year and NOT ONE person has commented on it.


  16. Now think about this. This happened in an Apartment complex on a high use through traffic location. Okay, you would imagine that an Apartment with that type of high public profile would have security surveillance cameras. The entire event was caught on video! But they pulled it off the internet. I’m thinking it was posted after they saw how things were going in the investigation. And you know, if the police knew that the video of the entire event was out, don’t you think they would pull strings, to get it off the internet. Why so they could destroy the video.

    That’s exactly what happened. Two people that I know independently told me they saw the entire thing on World Star Hip Hop. I said, “That’s impossible. Where in the world can they get a video of the entire event and from start to finish”. So, I put that crap in the back of my mind. And then I saw a video of witness who lived there in the apartment complex, being interview in front of her apartment. and she said that they came an took the surveillance camera down. Why would they do that? Then it dawned on me, that would be the only camera that could have shown the entire event. The biggest thing that id interesting to me about what they saw, is that they decribe everything as I was saying. MIchael Brown ran, got shot from behind, turned, attempted to raise both his hands but was only able to raise one completely and then got his head shot.


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